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Cus my smile makes others smile
I am beautiful no matter what they say <3

im beautiful because im very confident independent im a loving person nd im myself no matter what nd i don’t let no one bring my spirit down :)
I’m beautiful because I believe.
I’m sexy & I know it ;)
Im Beautiful Because I Believe In Myself
I believe I’m beautiful. Sometimes its hard to say that when the world seems to reject you. But I am strong, only the strong survive.
its about whats in the inside not out ;)
I’m beautiful because I’m me. I’m different. I’m independent. I’m confident. I’m beautiful because beauty exists in everyone. In one form or another. 
im beautiful because im growing. im growing into a strong independent women, who wont ever let anyone get in there way. i wont let people get in my way anymore. i make mistakes, but im only human! and ive got a long way to go!
I now I´m beautiful because I am diferent… I am me and I don´t want to be no one else… I am a proud bisexual latina and no matter what society thinks is “correct” I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I’m beautiful because I have a smile which I used everyday no matter what problems I face in life. I feel that a smile automatically qualifies you for being absolutely beautiful.